Wildlife Laws

Wildlife Laws that apply to finders

for wildlife in Oklahoma

In the State of Oklahoma, it is illegal to possess wild born native animals without a the proper permit and violations come with a hefty fine. In imprint cases, the animals are often destroyed. Every finder has 24 hours to deliver a found animal to a wildlife rehabber licensed for that species.

It is a felony to possess a migratory bird, bird of prey or their feathers or any part of the bird without proper permits only available from USFWS.

It is illegal to transport wildlife over state lines. You cannot bring any wildlife to another state for care. This is considered “smuggling” and comes with a hefty fine and the animals are often destroyed AS WELL AS any native animals they come in contact with before origin is discovered. (this HAS HAPPENED TO US with fawns)

Contrary to popular belief, there are very few educational facilities with openings for wildlife. Raising an animal to be a pet, believing it will be placed is risky. Worst case scenario is the animal is seized and euthanized for being non releasable. Don’t risk it. Get wildlife into proper care as soon as possible.

Wildlife rehabilitators are not allowed to trap and relocate nuisance wildlife. We can recommend a service or give advice but cannot assist.

Annette King

Wild Heart Ranch Wildlife Rescue