So You Want to Rehabilitate Wildlife

So You Want To Rehabilitate Wildlife

When I first began this venture in 1996, I had money in the bank, a few extra thousand dollars a month to spend and plenty of spare time…all of which are history. It is the most rewarding experience of my life, but also the most costly. In money, time and emotional strain.

Over the years I have had many people come to me asking for my assistance to become wildlife rehabilitators, begin a facility or further their training. I have always given all that I had and all that I had learned to them for nothing but the joy of knowing that more animals would get helped because I made the time to share what I had learned. I did not have a rehab mentor when I began and had vowed to be available to anyone who had dedicated their life and time to assist animals. Now, decades later, very few people I have trained have continued in the profession. Many many precious hours wasted, only for them to realize it’s just too much responsibility. I love to train rehabbers, but I also tend to go above and beyond helping them get set up. Its a tremendous sacrifice of my time and supplies to see it all dropped when my trainees realize that it isn’t a hobby, its a full time job of which there is no pay, no breaks, and a complete change of lifestyle.

I am willing to work with people who began as I did, believe as I do, and aren’t looking for a part time hobby, a variety of unusual pets, a way to make money from a zoo like facility, or a legal license to keep a wild animal they already have. Of course the MOST important is to find people that are here to learn to fight day and night against suffering of these most amazing creatures and release them back into the wild without hesitation. ALL species will imprint. Its far more work to avoid the imprint and let go of the endearment mentality, or to euthanize a disabled animal that is miserable in captivity and can never be free. What they need is to avoid people for survival and someone who cares enough to do the right thing for them, no matter how difficult. If you want a pet, get a puppy. This is a whole other ball game altogether.

Do I sound harsh? I don’t mean too. I am ALWAYS willing to help. My success today comes from the struggles of getting here. It was a long road, a financially impossible road, and one that I hope to never travel again, but for those sacrifices, I appreciate what I am able to do today, and I will work hard to be deserving of support and successful with my animal cases, and never take a blessing for granted.

Experienced and established rehabbers or those who are ready and willing to get started, as always, I am just a phone call or an email away to advise you on whatever you need assistance with. If its something you can’t handle, I will be more than happy to take on the care of the animal and see it to release if rules have been followed and you are local. Just give me a call. 918)949-0158

Annette King, Wildlife rehabilitator
Wild Heart Ranch Wildlife Rescue
Claremore, Oklahoma