Thank you to our Oklahoma Game Wardens who involve us constantly to see that every wild animal in need of care gets it!

State Issued Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit

Issued Originally March of 1997 through the Okla Dept of Wildlife Conservation under Annette M King. several of our volunteers are also permitted.

Covers all indigenous wildlife to be released back into the wild when care is completed.

(we do NOT exhibit, breed, sell or adopt wildlife)

Federal Permit #019049 and Eagle Permit #MB019049-0

Covers all protected species of migratory birds and birds of prey as well as Bald and Golden Eagles

Other legal Information

All wild born animals turned over to us for care will not be adoptable to private homes under any circumstances. It is illegal in Oklahoma to have wild animals as pets. We do not give care advice to people trying to raise these animals without permits. We will help you locate a wildlife rehabilitator and give temporary care instruction until one can be found. We do not take imprinted wildlife.

Finders have 24 hours to deliver an injured or orphaned wild animal to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator licensed for that species of animal. If you take possession of wildlife, you are legally responsible to acquire medical and rehabilitative care for that animal. Failure to do so can result in fines. It is a Felony to keep migratory birds and birds of prey.

Crossing state lines with wildlife is illegal. We absolutely cannot accept animals from out of state.

We do not have a USDA exhibition permit so we do not exhibit any animals for any purpose.